Web Design

We only do web design and web design only

  • You tell us why you want a website. Generate leads? promote products? sell stuff?
  • We design a website specifically for that.
  • We make sure that search engines know about your site.

So, what it means is that when people search for stuff that you provide on Google, Bing or Yahoo, your website will be right there, inviting them for a visit. And when they do visit, it’ll be easy for them to get around and actually do what you want them to do, like make an inquiry, buy stuff etc.

What our customers get:

  • A modern website, fully optimised for search engines.
  • Website features including
    • Static pages
    • Dynamic pages for news, catalog items or portfolio
    • Blog
  • WordPress for CMS back-end, which means that anyone will be able to update it. Why WordPress?
  • 100% rights on your website, domain and web hosting account (which means that you can manage your website yourself, get us to do it, or take it to a different company. No questions asked).
  • A start-off online marketing campaign – to help search engines find  your site.
  • Automatic notifications of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN and Ask) each time you update content.

How it works:

Basically here is what happens:

  1. You contact us by email, phone or SMS and organise a meeting.
  2. We discuss the project with you to determine the main purpose for your website (to promote services? to generate sale leads? to sell stuff?)
  3. We agree on the website structure and proposed online marketing strategy.
  4. We design and build the website with that in mind.
  5. You approve the design and populate it with content.
  6. We launch the website and go out for a beer.
  7. We launch the online promotion campaign, notifying search engines of your new site and target your keywords.
  8. We setup automatic search engines notifications for each time you update content (they see fresh stuff and come back to index your site).

How much?

How much you ask? See our pricing page. You may also like to see some stuff about who we are and where we’re coming from.