The Glass Fence People

The Glass Fence People (Perth) are known for their high quality glass fence installations, attention to detail, fast delivery and excellent customer service. We developed a website optimized for search engine marketing and sales lead generation.

  • Website Purpose: Search engine marketing, sales lead generation.
  • CMS Platform: WordPress
  • Package: Standard+
  • Features: Static pages, client showcase, blog, “get a quote” form.
  • Maintenance: 100% by client
  • Website Ownership: 100% by client
  • Web Hosting: Cove
  • Visit Site:


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  1. For the last three years I’ve used a ‘self-built’ website, which was fine as a brochure, but hopeless as a lead generator. I’d tried to ‘find myself’ using google a few times, with no success whatsoever – so I’d concluded that a site that actually ‘worked’ was beyond my capabilities, and certainly beyond my means. How wrong I was. In less than a week Guennadi at Potatograss has produced this beautiful professional site, at a very affordable rate. Now I can ‘find myself’ on google whenever I want, which means that my customers can find me too, and the image the site conveys is second to none. Thanks Potatograss!

    Richard Suter 13 January 2010 at 4:24 pm Permalink

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